Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And the award...

...for Most Patient Bitch on the Runway goes to...

Alana Zimmer!

Because seriously, it's kind of ridiculous how many whacked-out looks this Canadian beauty has been shoved in-and-out-of... 

In her (relatively-short) four years of working, Alana has kept her cool while prowling the runways in dignified looks such as these:

...Yet, has she complained? Not once.

If that were me, I probably would have yanked the weave outta my head, flicked the fake eyelashes off of my face, and stomped my ass on home...

(I'm lying. I would slap a grandma for the chance to wear any of these in an actual show...)

Congratulations on your award, Alana! I'm sure you're pretty flustered right now, but do you have anything you would like to say?

.. Err, Okaaaay.

Nevermind, then.

[photos: style.com]

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