Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calm Down, Woodland Creatures

For the new issue of Complex (irony) magazine, Olivia Munn worked a photoshoot set in an animated forest, accompanied by some cartoon friends.

Now I know what you're thinking: "The who?"

Well, Olivia Munn is a huge gamer-geek icon. She somehow manages to find time to play video games amidst her busy schedule of being hot. That's the gist of it.

And this photoshoot? Is A+ work, in my book.

Olivia makes a chubby beaver feel bad about himself, but horny at the same time.

Olivia, on a swing. 
With a rabbit clinging to her thigh... 
Yeah, I really don't know.

Olivia gets her hurr did by some birds. 
(I love the fat one. He tired. Bitch can do her own damn hair.)

Olivia has relations with a snake... One who obviously has good taste, and is NOT planning on soiling his insides with those hooker-pumps.

Olivia, triying to pull the "Seductive Shit" with a couple of deer...

A friendly piece of advice, Olivia:
It aint working.

Really though, this mess looks straight out of the the "low-budget photo shoot" pool of America's Next Top Model

Expect a healthy dose of Tyra Banks added into your life any day now, Olivia. 

And it's not gonna be pretty...

You better believe that every single one of those animals is gonna scatter the second they see her big ass come clomping their way...

[photos: Complex]

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