Monday, March 8, 2010

Can you see me now?

You know, whenever I see a look such as this, found in Hussein Chalayan's Fall 2010 collection, I am forced to ask myself, "what would compel a woman...?"

Often it's a pointless question, but just for kicks, let's imagine the course of a first date with the woman who wears stuff like this:

The Setting:

A dimly-lit restaurant.
 (The first sign that this bitch is in for some heavy moments pretty soon here...)


Ms. Grim Creeper stumbles through the doorway of the restaurant. While making her way towards her reserved seat, she is forced to feel her hands along the walls, knocking down paintings, walking directly into chairs and other patrons, all the while mumbling apologies that are muffled by her headwrap of shame...

She sits down at the table, at which her date is already present.  

*Ignoring instinct to make a blind date joke*


Him: "Um.. I'm just gonna... go."
Her: "We haven't even ordered our drinks yet."
Him: "Yeah, but I just realized that you're... really horrifying. Don't follow me."

(Aaand scene.)



  1. this is obviously the haute couture of the middle east

  2. OMG. couldn't stop laughing. I love it!