Wednesday, March 31, 2010

China Fashion Week

"Thierry Mugler and John Galliano had baby... which turned out to be Chinese."

That's the most succinct explanation of Guo Pei's stunning Fall 2010 collection that I could come up with.

Derivative is an ugly word that shouldn't occupy the same space as this beauty, so I'll just say that they're out of control, over-the-top feats of construction reminiscent of other designer's work.

But if you ask me, the real meat of China Fashion Week was to be found on the runway of the Hempel Award Young Fashion Designers contest.

(If you are prone to seizures, you might wanna duck out of this one.)

Whoever this young designer is, I hope he/she won the shit out of that prize.

Now, I think I'm gonna go vomit from the fabulousness... and the dizzying lines.

(So worth it.)

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