Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you know good music, chances are you know of La Roux.

Fronted by singer Elly Jackson, this electro-pop duo's calling-card is their catchy hooks, dreamy lyrics, and a fiercely original style.

And Elly also happens to be a budding fashion icon.

Unlike Rihanna, who I feel tasks her outfits with speaking for her because she herself has nothing worthwhile to say,

Elly Jackson seems to use her clothing, much like her music, as an organic medium through which she can express herself artistically.

... And I'm sure if you asked her about it, she'd just say that she "wears what she wears."

In other words: A true fashionista.

Did You Notice
1. No dresses.
2. No heels.
3. The deliberate recycling of an accessory. (Scandal!)

I mean, the girl obviously doesn't shy away from androgyny, psychedelic color, or the oft-maligned faux-hawk... 

But she provides the worlds of both music and fashion with something fresh and new.

And not in the "Oh, I've never seen a toaster used as a face-mask!" manner of Lady Gaga.   

In other words, Elly:

You promise to keep on singing and styling, and I'll promise to keep a watchful ear/eye out.

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