Monday, March 15, 2010

Gisele, You Suck.

Gisele Bundchen is a woman who has everything:
Love, fame, money, a new baby, and a fab post-baby body...

But one thing she will never have? Any amount of love from me.

Now, don't jump to conclusions and assume that I only dislike the woman out of some misguided sense of jealousy, because if that were the case? I'd hate pretty much everyone.

I just simply cannot abide a woman who repeatedly refers to Bridget Moynahan's child, John, as her own:

I’m so lucky to have my little munchkin, and I have two because I also have John.” 

For those not aware:
John already has a Mom. Whose husband cheated on her. With Gisele. 

(And this is not the first time that Gisele has talked about how she feels as though John is "her own.")

... Can you imagine what reading shit like this must do to Bridget's mood? (Day = Ruined.)

Now, if you watch Sex & the City at all, I'm sure you're already familiar with Bridget playing the role of the "cheated-on spouse," but this is some real-life fuckery.

And Gisele? Is not the classy, deeply apologetic lady that Carrie Bradshaw was.

She's the exact opposite, actually.

...And that's why Gisele gets no love from me.

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