Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I. Was. Wrong.

You know, I've given Lindsay Lohan a pretty hard time in several of my posts.

I've called her "greasy," made fun of the fact that her face looks like she's had to live each day of her life twice, and just generally been throwing a lot of hateration in her direction.

See, I was almost completely convinced that Lohan didn't have anything left to give to the entertainment industry, and that any talent she may have possessed has all but been crushed-up-and-snorted in the dirty bathroom of a lesbian bar.


I was wrong.

Here's Lohan looking rather fabulous on the cover of T Style Magazine, with an accompanying photo spread.

She looks pretty great, I'm surprised to say.

The photoshoot's concept is interesting, the lighting and coloring are dramatic, and overall these are seriously just the kinds of pictures that I didn't think we'd ever get to see from her again.

Especially the close-up shots, which really present Lindsay in a vulnerable light, while also somehow making her look stronger than ever.

Color me impressed.

Good for her, for proving to all the haters (aka me) that she just might still have some Hollywood-years left in her.

Play on, playa...

*Pauses for a moment as my secretary (aka my poodle Max) whispers something into my ear*

...Well, shit.

Ignore everything I just said.

That's not even the 23-year old Lohan, but rather 50-year old Julianne Moore.

...Well this is just embarrassing. For everyone involved.

On the bright side, Julianne Moore is looking might foine these days!

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