Monday, March 15, 2010

Lego and Clutch...

... are no longer two verbs that contradict each other, thanks to New York designer Kara Ross, who created this beauty for Studio XXB. 

This creation is apparently a Lego-ized version of an orange clutch which happens to be her signature:
I kinda love how the surface-circles on the Legos seem to imitate the texture of the original handbag.

Homegirl put some thought into this!

My only lament is that now my childhood Lego creations, consisting of classics such as: the multi-colored cube, the all-blue cube, and the fan-favorite: checkered cube, all look rather unimpressive by comparison.

Read on to the next post, because the Lego Nostalgia Tour of 2010 has one more stop: your kitchen.


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