Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's go ahead and get WAY too into this...

Here's one of the ads from Just Cavalli's Spring-Summer 2010 campaign.

There are a great many things working for me with this shot:

I love how fashion-y it looks, and I say that with tongue planted firmly in cheek:

First, you've got those two smooth-n-shiny male models staring at our girl Kate with a fiery intensity. Each completely oblivious (or perhaps ambivalent) to the attempted advances of the other.

You also have the tried-and-true "laziness is next to godliness" posturing of our trio, which seems to suggest the idea that if you wear this outfit and look this hot, you won't even have to sit up straight to be the object of pretty boys' unwavering desire...

Third, you have the "listlessly wandering hands" effect going on, which suggest that the poor guy on the right just might be in for some heartbreak in the near future.

Notice where Kate and Buzzcut's hands are placed. Then look where Hairgel's are.

Someone's gonna have to dance with himself tonight.

Still though, the ad is sexy and fun in a "last call" kinda way, so I say good for Kate for still making it work... even if both of those fine young men were probably still watching Saturday morning cartoons when she first hit the fashion scene.

True love knows no age... and apparently, neither does denim-clad pseudo-eroticism.

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