Monday, March 15, 2010

Model Kim

I'm gonna let you in on a somewhat shameful secret about myself: I think Kim Kardashian is really, really pretty.

I'm not just talking about when she's all painted-up for the red carpet, or dressed like a hooker for a night on the town...

I mean, like, even when she has no make-up on, I find her face to be absolutely beautiful, and it confounds and frustrates me that she feels the need to speak in the same air-headed accent that Paris Hilton has made so popular among girls with no self-esteem.

Still though, those dark, smoldering Armenian good looks have always held my interest and my eye.

So it is with immense self-satisfaction that I present you with the following pictures, taken from a photo shoot that Kim did for YRB Magazine. 

Better go ahead and start clutching your pearls in shock right now...

She. Looks. High. Fashion.

I'm not sure if its the Karen-O-fabulous wig, or the dramatic makeup, or the lighting/styling/studio magic... 

Whatever it is, it works.

Her curves are filling out every inch of those dresses, making the fabric sculpt and hug her voluptuousness in ways that just wouldn't be possible with a "real" fashion model.

And her glamour-girl facial features are working perfectly with the harsh, rigid paint-job on her face.

I gasped. Then I sighed. Then I blogged.

YRB Mag Official Site.

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