Monday, March 15, 2010

My inner Diva won't ever shut the hell up.

"Express Your Inner Diva"

That is what Samsung is telling it's potential customers with the release of it's new "Diva" phone.

By taking the quilted-block pattern that is so popular in purses and accessories, the electronics company is hoping to get some of those purses opened up to shell out for this new piece.

Supermodel Carmen Kass will appear in the print ads for the phone, as well as the most fabulous male model I've seen in recent memory. 

Check. It. Out:

Seriously, the ad on the left is like if they placed a hidden camera in my living room on a slow Wednesday night: 

"Nothing to do, so I guess I'll just slip on my fur, step into my sparkly sarong, and luxuriate."

Plus, you know Carmen Kass pitched a fit upon seeing how they booked a model who not only worked it twice as hard as she did for her shot, but got the better wardrobe choices.

To which the male model probably rolled his eyes and replied: "You can borrow it sometime."

Diva is right. 

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