Friday, March 12, 2010

Okay, now he's just messing with me.

Our boy Levi McConaughey is seriously a fashion chameleon!

Last time, he was dressed as a salty bluegrass musician, and now here he is all prepped-and-ready to sell a stack of newspapers on a street corner at the turn of the century!

If this is what happens when they allow pot-smoking dads like Matthew McConaughey to procreate, I say we all start writing letters to the White House right now urging the legalization of the stuff!

Just imagine all of the sartorial possibilities:

Little girls dressed as 1920's flappers, with a cigarette-holder in one hand and a paper fan in the other!

And little boys made to look like wealthy businessmen, complete with a top hat, white-tipped walking cane, and a chained monocle over one eye!

The possibilities are endless!

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