Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Last St. Patrick's Day Post

 Walt Disney Fall-Winter 1959

This look, from Walt Disney's Fall 1959 collection, does a lot of things right.

For one, you would never guess that the model is over 150 years old.

She chose a color that perfectly compliments the tint of her fairy-wings, and the empire-waist dress makes her hips look a lot smaller than they probably are. 

She also accessorized quite intelligently:

The flashy, pointy hat was a stroke of genius. (Nothing elongates the body like sharp-tipped hat pointing towards the heavens.) 

And the bright, fun color of her jacket cape helps keep the overall look from coming across as too matronly.

All in all, this is a look that just screams, "I'm a Good Fairy."

... And isn't that a message we'd all love to send?

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