Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars Upset!


When Amanda Seyfried waltzed onto the Oscars red carpet, I was almost 100% sure that her Armani Prive Haute Couture dress was going to be an invincible look.

I mean, this collection in it's entirety almost brought me to my knees, it was so beautiful, and this is definitely a great piece from the collection.

Would I have maybe opted for the similar-but-more-daring dress seen here?

...Yeah, I would have. Just because I think it would have caused so much more of a stir among the fashion critics, and I prefer it for it's unconventionality.

However, I totally get that Amanda probably wanted to feel like a princess for the night, an effect that she definitely achieved by wearing the dress that she did. 

It was flawless. It was beautiful. It couldn't be beat.


Jennifer Lopez show up. 

Looking like this:

Cue the ominous round of "Oooooooh"s... (you know, the kind that arise when someone just got told.)

Girl, I almost fell to the floor in a dramatic heap.

Here is Jen-Lo Fer-Pez rocking an even prettier gown from that very same collection.

Now, I don't want to say that I had to pick a favorite between the two... but I had to pick a favorite between the two.

And for me, Mrs. Fer-Pez just showed Miss Seyfried what time it is. 

That dress is just stunningly beautiful, and while they're both total Oscars Fashion Winners, I gotta give it up to the superior gown.

But really, I hope they both go off together and get smashed in their smashing frocks. 

They owe it to themselves for being so fucking ferocious.

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