Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty enough?

Here is Sarah Jessica Parker (at the Showest Convention in Las Vegas) wearing a busy, ruffly black dress from the Marchesa Fall 2010 collection.

I think she looks kind of... smashing.

Sure, the presence of stars on the garment does kind of come off as too young for her, but she's in the midst of promoting an upcoming movie in which she is playing the fearless, fashionably-ageless Carrie Bradshaw.

If there is ever going to be a time left in this woman's life where she can get away with ruffly, sparkly crap, it's now.

And as far as the rest of the outfit goes, I think the skirt is adorable, the top and sleeves are chic, and the entire look just pleases my eye.

(Love, love, love the way that those sheer ruffles on the skirt add that smokey effect to the silhouette.)

I aint mad atcha, SJP.

You've redeemed yourself for the frumpy unpleasantness that was your Oscars gown. Good for you.

[photos: Getty]

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