Friday, March 12, 2010

Their secret?

In Brazil, the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine finds supermodels Renata Kuerten, Isabeli Fontana, Caroline Trentini, and Izabel Goulart clad in their typical 9-to-5 get-ups:

Studded ankle booties, feathered mini-skirts, sequined bras, and thigh-high boots.

They just sound like they're ready for Sunday mass, don't they?

Well apparently, the whole point of the article was that these are four women who have been hugely successful in the world of modeling, and they all hail from Brazil.

Wait... is it news to anyone anymore that people from Brazil are hot? What am I missing here?

Still though, it is kind of cool to see how, even though they're all styled to look like hooker sister-wives, they do seem to each have their own particular brand of beauty:

My favorite of these four would have to be Caroline.

I mean, I know that you can't unclog a drain in the fashion world without her pale face staring back at you, but she still has a great, if somewhat overexposed, look.

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