Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tour of Gorgeous-Glam, Part 2

You know, by now, it should be no surprise that Atelier Versace manages to knock every look out of the park with each collection.

But what I really love is how they also manage to include pieces like this one, which hit me with something totally unexpected.

This is a silver mini-dress made up of chains, with purple/orange circular details throughout...

(God, doesn't that sound like something that should just be horrid?)

And yet, I think it totally works. Those thin chains look like they'd add a really fun dimension of movement to the garment in-person, and I love the colors that they chose to compliment the silver.

Totally playful and fun, which are two adjectives that don't necessarily first come to mind when one thinks of Atelier Versace.

Shakira, I'm gonna need you in this... Like, now.

Moving on:

Once again, the word "unexpected" comes to mind.

If someone were to just glance at this dress, it might be easy to write it off as just a pretty, Grecian-looking gown crafted in a sumptuous, purple silk satin.

...But they'd be missing the whole point:

Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the money's at.

For one, I am obsessed with purple and turquoise as a color combination.

I think it somehow manages to convey youthful joy without delving into the realm of tackiness, while also just being incredibly expressive and aesthetically pleasing.

(In other words: eye-candy for daaaays.)

And again with the circular motifs as details, which may look a little busy from this angle, but manage to generate just enough interest from the frontal view.

I'm not entirely sure where the woman wearing this dress is going, but I'd damn-sure be willing to follow her to find out.

This is the third of the "unexpected" dresses from the collection, and while it may seem more simple in construction than the first two at first glance, it is by no means any less interesting.

Let's step in for a closer look:

The chain-link bustier is absolutely ridiculous.

Sure, if a girl with any amount of stomach fat were to wear this, she may end up looking like a cookie dough-press in the midsection...

But Atelier Versace deals in nothing if not fantasy, and this is a dress that exists in a fantasy world where belly-fat simply does. not. exist.

Absolutely breathtaking.

... Ugh, and I hate repeatedly queening out like this, but I really can't help it. I adore intrigue and innovation in my evening-wear, and this collection is serving it up to me by the gallon...

But to get us back on track, these are three looks that I feel have totally set this collection apart from every other that I've seen from Atelier Versace.

Although it didn't seem possible, they whet my appetite even more than they've satiated it, and I can't wait for the beauty to come from the house of V in the future...

Coming up: Round Three.


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