Monday, March 8, 2010

Women of a certain age...


Helen Mirren is pretty much amazing.

Seen here in a silver Badgley Mischka gown, she pretty much gets everything right.
It's classically ageless and beautiful.

It still maintains a reasonable level of interest, with the sparkly sheer overlay. (A hint: if you want to keep a gay's interest, add sparkle.)

And most of all, the woman wearing it just looks like, even though she could pretty much get away with wearing whatever the hell she wanted and still be above criticism, she is resolved to put forth the sartorial effort required in the name of The Oscars.

She showed up, and showed out.

Can't ask for much more there.
Okay, I know that, judging from the title, you would assume that this is the "Old Ladies" post.

But ignore that for a minute, and just take a look at an Atelier Versace-clad Demi Moore.

Use your imagination and picture any other actress's head on that body. Young or old.

Because they? Would be looking fabulous.

Homegirl has kept in ridiculous shape, and that kind of hard work really pays off when you have an opportunity to show the world just how hot you still are. And that she did.

This gown is great on her. Her not-quite-pale-not-quite-tan skin is working really well with the color of the fabric, and the dress itself is just gorgeous.

I mean, its Atelier Versace, for God's sake.

The Queen Cougar retains her crown... for now, at least.

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