Sunday, March 7, 2010

Young Ones


You know, I kinda wish Kristen Stewart would show up to an event dressed in a big pink hoop skirt one of these days. Just for the spectacle of it.

Since that day has not yet come, however, here she is on the Oscars red carpet, in a dark blue (apparently. I had to look it up) strapless Monique Lhuillier gown.

You know, I would love to make some jokes about vampirism-this and hot topic-that, (and believe me I got 'em,) but this is actually kind of a cute little dress.

(Click to enlarge the pic if the color is obscuring some of the details.)

The bodice is cute and the details on the skirt are pretty.

Sure, it may look a little... limp... but I'd be willing to bet that that's just because Kristen gave it strict instructions to not look like it's having a good time. (After all, she doesn't want to clash with her own dress...)

And it also looks like she was sitting in the limo for too long, what with that big crease spread across her lap.

...Still though, its fine. 

Her hair, on the other hand?

Looks like she ran a spit-covered palm over her head and rushed out the door. She should have just put a skull-cap over that mess and called it a day.

Onto the next...

Here's Miley-effing-Cyrus in a cream Jenny Packham creation.

Once again, the demeanor of the girl wearing it is actually hurting the garment.

Homegirl, please don't be slouching your way down the red carpet. 

I know who you are, and I'm sure you think it's cute, but it's not. It's annoying. 

And I'm sure Jenny Packham would be pissed to see you warping the shape of that (quite pretty) bodice by acting like you're in a state of being perpetually confused. 

And please don't pipe up about how you're not "acting," because it's still no excuse.

Regardless of the posture issues, this is one of the few times that I've seen a picture of Miley and not wanted to slap the hell out of any chipmunks in my immediate vicinity...

... Do you see the magic that is a pretty red carpet dress? Do you?


  1. uh dan i don't agree when it comes to miley... she looks like a stunning supermodel who fucked her face up in a car accident but still has something mysteriously sexy about her, probably that slouch you so despise

  2. and that dress stewart is wearing looks like the shit i scrape out of my pipe when im out of the good shit