Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atlantean Fetus

Mark Fast

"The Girl from Atlantis," an editorial shot for Vogue Nippon by Solve Sundsbo, is pretty much stunning.

The idea of an underwater photoshoot is not new, but I love how this one keeps the model in more static poses, rather than going the traditional route of displaying her in a series of sprawling, "action" shots.

Sometimes, all you need do is capture a particularly intriguing angle and the interest/imagination of your audience will follow.

Also? Ignore the fact that most of these garments probably didn't survive this water-logged process.

Necessary casualties, to be sure, but still a somber thought...

Shed a tear later, Enjoy Now:



Miu Miu

Pucci and Alexander McQueen



Alexander McQueen

"Evocative" is just a word. 

And a sadly inadequate one, at that.

These shots make me want to slide into the shallow end of my pool and give birth to a 110-pound Eastern-European woman.

(Note to the Doctor: If she comes out dressed in anything other than the Spring 2010 collections, send her to one Ms. Tyra Banks. I'm sure she'll be happy to care for her in my absence... for a season, at least.)

[photos: Papermode]

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