Friday, April 30, 2010

Chain-Mail Love Letter

Taking a look back at the Spring 2010 collections, there was one "crystal clear" winner as to which look captured my imagination more than any other.

It's gotta be the crystal chain-mail delivered to us from Prada, which was eye-catching, light-capturing, and (above all) sparkle-fantastic:


It could be opalescent colors of the netted crystals beckoning me to dance inside their elegant rainbows.

It could be the versatility of a look that could literally be draped over almost anything for an (always necessary) boost of sparkly glamour.

But it's probably the fact that as a young boy, I would stare up at the chandelier hanging from my dining room ceiling and dream of ripping down each tear-drop crystal in order to create a garment for myself just like these.

Well, thankfully, Miuccia Prada did just that.

(And I'd like to think of it as a personal favor.)


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