Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney Never Looked So Good

In the same spirit as the brilliant Simpsons take on Paris editorial of Harper's Bazaar, this Disney-themed spread in the April 2010 issue of Elle Spain toys with our emotions by casting familiar characters from our childhoods as some of the fashion world's most recognizable personae.

Ulrich Schroder is the artist, and let me tell you:

Homeboy knows his shit when it comes to major designers' personal styles and likenesses.

Obviously he started things off right by having the grouchy, lanky wolf play Mr. Lagerfeld, as seen above...

... But, let's see how he did cartoonizing the rest of the fashion elite:

First off, we have the tall and skinny Goofy, and the smaller, rounder Mickey playing Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce.

Let's take a look at the two designers in the flesh:

Heh... Yeah, he hit the nail right on the (scruffy-faced) head.

Then, he made the inspired choice of casting that fabulous slut, Daisy Duck, in the role of Donatella Versace.

 Hmm... I'm gonna go ahead and ignore my instinct to make any "duck-lip" jokes, and just say that it's difficult for me to decide which version looks more cartoonish.

In other words, another home-run.

Next is "Born-Again Sexy" designer, Marc Jacobs, played by none other than Donald Duck.

 The facial hair? Check. The open-collared shirt? Check. The questionable kilt? Check.

(This guy has got Marc's number down.)

... Followed by Alber Elbaz, played by some overweight duck that I can't really identify.


Not only did he choose a lesser-known Disney character that managed to accurately portray Elbaz's cheerful demeanor and ample proportions, but he even thought to have only one of his jacket buttons secured.

This guy is good.

Finally, we have John Galliano, played by another mystery duck and surrounded by an audience of A-List Disney characters.

I know I'm starting to get repetitive with this, but he totally nailed:

The wispy hair, the 'stache, the exposed chest, and the show-boaty demeanor of the British designer...

All while presenting him during the finale of one of his most dramatic runway shows:


Thank you, Ulrich Schroder, for marrying my childhood friends with my adulthood friends so brilliantly and effortlessly.

And I'm sure Mrs. Minnie Mouse thanks you, as well.

(Did you notice that lucky bitch repeatedly trying on clothes in the background?...Ugh.)  

Go back home to your billionaire-superstar husband, ho!

Stop making me rage with jealousy.

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