Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion Recap at Versailles

For this Fashion Recap, I decided to focus on Sofia Coppola's indie rock-infused "Marie Antoinette."

There are many varying opinions on the value of this film's narrative, since there's not too much that actually happens during the movie...

But the costume and set design are almost universally praised.

In fact, it even won an Academy Award for the fashion, which was referred to as "virtual eye candy."

Well, looking at these pictures (any one of which I could frame and put up on my wall,) it's hard to disagree with such an assessment:

The pastels, sumptuous fabrics, and ornate details of these looks really do make these images look good enough to eat.

And I know I'm a total queermo for saying this, but this movie (and the fashion therein) is like cinematic Prozac for me:

Whenever my spirit is feeling restricted, like a pair of boobs bound by a hot pink corset...

I just pop this little gem into my DVD player, and my mood elevates like the most gravity-defying powdered wig.

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