Friday, April 30, 2010

Kelly Is Not Amused

Kelly Cutrone is a personal hero of mine.

Not only the owner of public relations firm, People's Revolution, she is also the star her own reality series, "Kell on Earth," and acts as mentor to Whitney Port on MTV's "The City."

Well, somewhere in her busy-ass schedule, she found time to bitch about people pestering her for jobs on Facebook.


In Her Words:

"Do not Facebook the owner of a fashion agency asking for a job. I've said this before and yet people still Facebook me. The messages often contain grammatical errors, they don't make sense or they are littered with acronyms like LOL. If you do Facebook the owner, have something interesting to say and use a spell check."

Of course, this means I had to create a Facebook message just for her.

Kelly, expect this in your inbox shortly:

 "OMG. KELLY. HEY. i saw you on tv last night. U were SO FEIRCE. I love when u yell at ur assistants n stuff. I laughed SO HARD when you were all mad at them. U R SO FUNNY! I cant believe i'm talking to u! Is The City fun to make? I love it. I love you. P.S. Can I have a job? LOL."

... Cross you fingers for me, everyone. This could be my big break!

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  1. haha did you actually send that message to her? That would have been super funny... Oh and look, here's a non shy person commenting on your blog :)