Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love Miette

If you remember my post on Slinky couture, then you'll be happy to find that jewelry company Miette has also dug deep into our childhoods for a source of inspiration.

Only this time, they emerged holding your janky old Spirograph in their hands...

Unlike the scribbled messes that I would frustratingly never fail to create, Miette's results are nothing less than stunning.  

Of course.

Unique and ornate, while still maintaining a certain level of simplicity. J'adore.

Although, I must admit, these repeated trips down Toy Store memory lane have got me hankering for a 90's fashion resurgence.
Let's all go back to 1993!

Who's with me?

"Does this mean our criminal records will be expunged? If so, we're totally in!"

...On second thought, let's just enjoy the nostalgia in jewelry-and-leather form only, shall we?

(No need to gift those two with another decade of cokery and battery. The world wouldn't survive the ordeal.)

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