Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is the new poster for the "Sex and the City" sequel that's coming out this summer.

(I wish I could defy Gay-Stereotype and say that I am immune to the exploits of Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends, but alas, I am only human. A human who happens to be on Team Aiden, and will definitely be in attendance at the cougar parade.)

Now, pretending not to know anything about this movie's plot, I am slightly disappointed by this poster.

Don't get me wrong, Sarah Jessica Parker is looking mighty foine in that dress, but the reason why I loved the series so much was that it focused on both parts of the title's equation:

The Sex.

And the City.

Doesn't a lone woman walking through a barren desert covered by the words "Sex and the City" seem slightly... contradictory?

She's alone (and thus, not having any sex,) in the middle of nowhere with nary a city skyscraper in sight. Kinda confusing.

But then, what I'm essentially asking for is a poster in which Sarah Jessica Parker is copulating in an urban back-alley, so feel free to ignore me!

This one works just fine!

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