Thursday, April 22, 2010

Troop Fashion Recap

For this Fashion Recap, I decided to take a trip back to that magical period known as the 80's, when shoulders were padded, sleeves were seemingly injected with air, and a woman named Phyllis Nefler led a bunch of Wilderness Girls to victory in a little classic called "Troop Beverly Hills."

(Granted, this movie came out at the ass-end of the decade, so the fashion is on the brink of stepping into that special "90's" brand of tackiness, but it doesn't matter.)

I still remember being a four year old and watching this movie for the first time. My reaction to Phyllis Nefler and her ridiculously fab 80's fashions was thus:

"I wanna be just like her."

After all, any woman who can turn this:

Into this:

... is totally worthy of being emulated.

(I'm not gonna lie. I would, on occasion, wrap my bath towel around my shoulders and strut around the hallways in an effort to recreate the caped look above. The results were often... inconclusive.)

But it's not just the Wilderness Girl uniform that Phyllis rocked.

She also donned some of the most fabulously un-self-conscious 80's looks ever to be committed to celluloid:

... Bold, fearless, and without an ounce of shame.

This woman should have raised me.

Although, I guess I would have ended up pretty much the same: A tacky queen with no sense of fashion boundaries.

C'est la vie!


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  2. 'pretty much the same', yes... but i'm more than sure you would be a red head right now. wait, i forgot...tacky is synonymous with red-hair. you're spot on then!