Monday, May 10, 2010

Bit O' Ditto

The latest addition to my "Musicians/Style Icons Whom I Adore" series of posts is none other than Beth Ditto, the ample-framed lead singer of the electro-rock group Gossip.

Now, as you can see from her pictures, Miss Ditto is a big girl...

But what you can also see (if you so choose) is that she is a person whose confidence overcomes any wide lines or extra bulges that she may bring out of an outfit.

After all, anyone who can rock some of the fun, cheeky looks that this woman does deserves my attention not for the amount of pressure that gravity forces down on her body, but for the amount of pressure that her body forces down on the rest of the skinny bitches of the world...

Eat yourself a rice cake, then bow down to this queen.

Modeling her own clothing line:

Workin' the hell out of some Alexander McQueen:

And finally: Catching some eyes and turning some heads:

... So, the next time you find yourself moping over taking one bite too many, think of Beth.

The woman is living, strutting, singing proof that, at any weight and any size, it's possible to be beautiful, sexy, and fashionable.

Think of it this way: "If you've got more body to cover, you're just giving designers a bigger canvas on which to create."

(And I think it's safe to say that Beth has transformed her body into a work of art on more than one occasion.)

But if you're still not a believer in the magic that this woman weaves, here are a few parting shots:

Bitches. Bow. Down.

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