Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Deep End

This chlorine-soaked editorial, shot by Jill Greenberg, features great shots of synchronized swimming as well as some beautifully colored (from-the-bottom-up) images of a swimming pool's surface.

Take a dive.

This is a great shot, but I immediately felt compelled to flip it over check out their point of view:


I think it worked better the other way, when you couldn't tell the ones with the jaw-aching grins from the ones who look like they're staring down a loaded harpoon gun.


Hmm, this one kinda looks like a couple of headless Barbie dolls tossed into a kiddie pool.

Which is actually kind of fierce, when you think about it...

But then kinda not when you really think about it.

...Moving on.

Pretty colors, cool shape.

Not much to salivate over, fashion-wise, but a good photo nonetheless.

Love the girl on the far right.

(Homegirl aint even touching her feet to the floor, yet she posin' like she's on the cover of Shape magazine. Respect.)

Every synchronized swimming team has to have at least one "straggler."

... I'd imagine that this is she.

An interesting, gravity-defying shot.

(I like the contrast it seems to create between the image of "the girls in the water" versus "one of the girls in the water.")

After all, if a single synchronized swimmer does her world-class routine all by her lonesome, she doesn't get accolades.

She gets strange looks and a distance minimum of five feet.

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