Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fashion Club Fashion Recap

If you were a preteen in the late 90's, you probably remember the MTV animated series, "Daria."

Without delving too deep into needless exposition, Daria was a dry, sarcastic girl whose Saturday nights were mostly spent watching television with her best (and only) friend.

However, not everything was dour in Daria's world.

In fact, the brightest source of sartorial sunshine in her life was her very own younger sister/polar opposite, Quinn.

To put it simply: Quinn was Queen.

That is, alongside her three best friends/fellow Fashion Club Members:  



and Stacy

Together, the four spent their days reading Waif magazine, criticizing each others' outfits (out of love and concern, of course,) and pretty much spreading their unique brand of back-handed fabulousness through the halls of their school.

Really though, the remarkable thing about the Fashion Club was just how many different outfits they managed to rock during the course of the series.

(After all, the land of animation is nothing if not a place where everyone wears the same thing. every. day.)

Check out the many ways in which the Fashion Club bucked the trend:

Not only that, but they also never failed to bring the fashion-related storylines, some of which are curiously easy to follow in picture-form:

Sandi Rocks the 60's:

"Does This Make Me Look Fat?" 
(An illustration of Quinn's growing exasperation with Tiffany)

The Same Dress:
A Fashion Club Crisis
The Girls Give Back... Sorta:
A (Failed) Attempt at a Clothing Donation Drive

Really, there aren't enough words in the English language to express the love that I have for these girls...

And since I'm not bi-lingual, I'll just let this picture speak for me:

If I ran the world.

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