Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Enough to Eat

Fulvio Bonavia's new book, "A Matter of Taste," focuses on creating beautiful and classic accessories out of items you would normally expect to find in the refrigerated section of your grocery store (ie: FOOD).

Now, this isn't an idea that's entirely new, mind you, but it is one that's done really, really well here.

The purses look chic, the shoes fierce, and the jewelry expensive.

In other words? Mission Accomplished.

 Prosciutto Flower Ring.
(After all, the scent of flowers is an enticing aroma that's second only to bacon.)

Blackberry Handbag
Ugh, I live for this. The berries' texture combined with that chain?  
I'll take two: One for keeping, one for munching.

Bird Seed(?) Ankle-Bootie
This looks good enough to actually be in production, and the possibility of birds posting up on your feet for some lunch adds a whole new dimension to the look!

Caviar/Calamari Ring
The caviar in place of precious stones is... well, precious.
Plus, the calamari mimicking the swirls of a seashell provides double the oceanic appeal.

I love how neither ring is quite what they seem... 
Something sure does smell fishy!

Leaf Pump 
Reminds me of the palms I received on Palm Sunday in church as a youngster...
(Which, in turn, pisses me off because I didn't think of this first!) 

Cheese Necklace 
 A piece which forces you to ask the question: Which Is the Deal-Breaker?

A good impression from far away.
A funky-smelling impression up-close. 

Eggplant Ballet Flats 
 Okay, I only included these because they made me laugh.
Totally adorable.

Fettuccine Belt 
A nightclub-look. 
Start the night with an uncooked, brittle belt.
Proceed to sweaty-ass nightclub.
End the night with a soft, elastic belt that is totally ready for your post-clubbing binge at McDonalds!

(Okay, that was nasty. I'm sorry.)

Broccoli Handbag
A word to wise mothers: 
Give this to your kid after filling it with the dessert of your choice.
Lock the opening on top.

(... And this is why I'm not a parent.)

Alright, I think I've had my fill.

All of that food was just a little too healthy for my liking.

... Come find me when they create Sour Patch Kid hair-pins and Reese's pasties, will you?

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