Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot Days, Hotter Nights

This Vogue Turkey editorial, featuring model Andreea Diaconu shot by photographer Mariano Vivanco, features some of the hottest prints, colors, and landscapes to be seen this side of the Middle-East.

By taking a gorgeous model and placing her smack-dab in the center of some (even more) gorgeous and exotic locales, Vivanco has ensured that the next flight I book will most likely land in the sun-drenched streets of Instanbul.

But since my low-budget ass is currently on a low-ass budget, these pictures will have to make-do until then.

With such a beautiful rug beneath your feet, aint no shame in sitting right down on the floor... 

(And with her black and white zigzag print providing an "old-meets-new" contrast, can you blame her for doing just that?)

"Girl, whatchu shoppin' for? You already have every for-sale item draped over some part of your body... Save your pennies."

Despite the inevitable onslaught of leg-sweat, it's tough to argue with a woman who has the guts to rock fringed boots in hundred-plus degree weather... Werq, bytch.

The fan-pleated blouse matching her eye-makeup, the amazing geometric-print jacket, the handbag that dwarfs her barely-there shorts... This girl is the most fabulous piece of diner decorum.

(So that coffee better be on the house.)

"Excuse me, could you help me find my way? I got lost somewhere between 80's glam and 90's chic."

 (While I love the fact that homeboy is trying to out-diva our model, standard uniforms just can't compete on the Fashion Field.)

It's hard out there for a fashion-pimp... 
Especially one who attracts countless stray animals with her silver-streamer shoes.
(Can't blame the girl for stopping to take a breather.)

The jewelry may be clunky, but the look is light-as-air.
(And those beautifully bright colors are putting the natural hue of the sky to shame.)

I have no jokes to make about this:
She's rocking McQueen, the sunset over the city is amazing, and I have just found a gorgeous new desktop background.

[photos: fashiontography]

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