Monday, May 31, 2010

Liquid Lighting

Bronze-casting company Studio Job teamed up with crystal-blowing Pieke Bergmans to create this imagination-stroking collection of lamps, titled (appropriately enough) Wonderlamp.

If they meant for the title of the collection to be a play on "Wonderland," then I think they've totally got the right idea.

Cuz these?

Would cause little, naive Alice to check her temperature, cross herself, and up her dosage:

Now, I'm not really sure of how effective any of these lamps would be in a darkened room, but I do know that they would totally eliminate the need for the warming glow of a lit television screen.

(I'd gladly forsake the 4,000-pound teen documentaries and reality-whore competitions for a night of open-mouthed staring hosted by any of these. And I'd respect myself more afterward.)

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