Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michelle in Rykiel

Here's Michelle Williams, at the Cinema Against Aids Gala in France, wearing an adorable Sonia Rykiel dress.

There's just so much that tickles me about this:

For one, the pale pastel tones of the mirrors are totally working to keep the look from stepping over into "seven year old girl with a glue-gun" territory.

Then there's the actual placement of the mirrors, themselves:

At first glance, they seemed to be placed in anatomically-appropriate patterns, creating the illusion of curves on the body independent of the (curve-free) silhouette of the actual garment.

Then I took a visual step back, and began to see an abstract sort of facial mosaic.

A bit odd, a bit intriguing, and plenty playful.

Although, homegirl really should have tasked one of her gays with windexing each and every one of those little mirrors, just for the sake of flawlessness...

(I nitpick because I adore.)

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