Monday, May 17, 2010

Pink: Hit and Miss

You know, the color pink is one for which I have about equal amounts of love and disdain.

As a youngster, my favorite color was hot pink (of course,) but the unfortunate dawn of the Avril/Hot Topic pink-and-black color combo has left me weary of it's level of appeal for rational adults...

With that in mind, let's take a look-see at how the color has the potential to both tickle me pink and somehow leave me clutching my stomach while reaching for that pink bottle of Pepto-Bismol:

(Done Right)
Christian Dior Resort 2011

It's fun, it's over-the-top girly, and it touches on nearly every shade of the color in a single, bubblegum-flavored gown.

Sure, it's a bit obnoxious, but that pretty much comes with the territory when you're dealing with the default color-setting of the less imaginative "girly-girls" of the world.

In other words: the concept of "subtlety" must be tossed to the winds like so many wisps of cotton candy whenever pink is involved.

I mean, it's bright and totally yummy-looking, which is the whole point


(Done Busted)
Oh, gurl...

I'm gonna have to ask you to ignore the majority of this truck-stop hooker massacre of an outfit and focus solely on that tangled, jankified jacket that Miss Naomi chose to wear here.

(I can only assume that, since homegirl is no longer allowed to use cell-phones of any kind, she's resorted to using her own clothing choices as her preferred method of attack... Her victims? Our eyeballs, of course.)

Now, I've been racking my brain, and I just can't decide on a solid theory about what Naomi must have gone through to secure this look for herself. 

However, I've narrowed it down to the two most likely possibilities:

1. She attacked and shaved a pink poodle.

2. She went through Jem's trash, found one of her torn-up old wigs, and just threw it over her shoulders.

... Either way, Naomi?

You can keep it. The bitch don't want it back.

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