Thursday, May 13, 2010


This post is gonna focus on a few of the more interesting rings that I've come across in recent-times.

(And I'm not referring to my usual favorites: Ring Pops and Mood Rings.)

I'm talking about rings that are wearable in public without making their owner look a fool, yet still offer a story or explanation of some sort to the observer.

Rings that have got something to say, in other words.

Let's hear them out:

The Angelle 2-Tone Ring
What It Says:  
"I'm Hammered."

The Venezia Travel Ring
What It Says: 
"I was the kid who would wear key-chains around his finger before he could afford real jewelry."

The Pamela Love Double Cage Ring
What It Says:
"Nine bands for the price of not being able to bend your finger? So worth it."

The 2Gether Ring
What It Says:
"Hey, Friend: I'm not licensed, but sit down with me... Tell me about your problems."

The Codigo Mio Braille Ring
What It Says:
"The real messages that we send come from the inside... of the band as well as the body.
And, no, I'm not actually blind. Just sensitive."


I'll take one of each, to be worn all at the same time. 

Which reminds me...

(True Story Alert)

When I was in first grade, my parents gave me a two-dollar allowance every Saturday, in an effort to illustrate the value of money while also (hopefully) inspiring me to begin saving up for bigger and better things for myself.

Well, on the very first Saturday of their new, fool-proof system, I received my two crisp dollar bills, as planned...

And what did I do with them, you ask?

Why, I traded them for eight quarters and strutted on over to a vending machine that promised "Beautiful, Elegant" plastic-ass rings to anyone willing to part with their 25 cents...

My father watched helplessly as I shoved quarter-after-quarter of his hard-earned money into that machine, eventually ending up with eight plastic rings for each of my fingers. 

(Thumbs don't count. Even as an eight-year-old, I knew that there should be limits to my tackiness... And I had spent all of my quarters, anyway.)

I was all smiles as I "spirit-fingered" my new jewelry collection in my dad's face.

He? Was not.

But he patted me on the head, breathed a slight sigh, and checked to make sure his wallet was still in his back pocket...

The Lessons We Learn.

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