Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sandra Backlund's Got Some HANDS

Incredible Swedish designer Sandra Backlund is a woman who is totally unafraid of getting her hands dirty.

Meaning: Rather than pumping out look-after-manufactured-look, she instead opts for improvisation and innovation in both design and method, creating amazingly detailed garments that would blow the satin socks off of the "Project Runway" judges.

These are the kinds of looks that make me want to breathlessly ask their creator: "How did you do that?"

To which I'm sure she would respond by simply holding up her two hands with a smile.

... I, of course, would then proceed to make an ass of myself by coddling and kissing them, forcing her to call security and have me escorted off her property.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this would all happen at her place of residence? Cuz...yeah.

That's how impressed I am with these. Sue me.

(I'm sure you can be co-plaintiffs with one Sandra Backlund.)

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