Monday, May 31, 2010

Scraptacular Spectacular

Young designer Anna Holvik created her Central Saint Martins graduate collection by drawing inspiration from eco-friendly greenhouses, science fiction writers such as Geroge Orwell, and the idea of using sheer coats as both an extension and protector of the body.

Forgoing the luxurious appeal of tulles and satins, Holvik instead decided to construct her garments with materials found in industrial greenhouses, taking the relationship between inspiration and end result to the next level.

Now, a couple of these (meaning: the majority) kinda look like homegirl prowled a workroom floor, picking up any leftover scraps with which to construct her coats...

(You know, the "Olsen Twin" approach to layering?)

But rather than ending up with a rag-tag bunch of hobo garments, these looks all seem to convey a sense of dignified elegance that, frankly, kinda blew me away.

Close Encounters of the Chic -meets- Homeless Lady with a Tarp Wrapped Around Her Shoulders.

... Yep, those two Olsens are gonna be all over this.

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