Monday, May 31, 2010

Sessilee Lopez is NOT Happy About This.

This 25 Magazine editorial, featuring Sessilee Lopez shot by Marcin Tyszka, showcases the dark-skinned model prowling around an elegant estate in some of the more beautiful dresses that Spring-Summer 2010 had to offer.

(And when I say "prowling," I don't mean it in the purely fashion sense. I mean it in the looking for a bitch to cut sense.)

The title is "Couture Savage," but I much prefer mine:

"Things That Piss Sessilee Lopez Off":

(Only a true diva goes all "Bitch-Paparazzi-NO!" during a photoshoot...)

Luxurious Couches.
(Although, having your garment upstaged by the furniture is rough, so I'll give her this one.)

Putting Her Feet on the Upholstery.
(She aint no Dave Chappelle.)

Acting Like a Cat.
(Unless said act includes clawing a bitch's cheek.)

Being Dressed as a Lion-Tamer.
(Two Words: Stank. Face.)

Getting Dirt on her Ruffles.
(Which sounds like some sort of innuendo, but... no.)

Getting Her Picture Taken When She's Trying to Take A Nap.
(... On the floor. In a several-thousand dollar dress. Hard knocks.)

[photos: Fashiontography]

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