Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seth Aaron is Full of Win

In case you missed it, this latest season of Project Runway was pretty damn impressive.

All three of the finalists who showed at Fashion Week had collections that were salable, interesting, and (most importantly) actually looked like they belonged on the runways at Bryant Park.

Between them, though, Seth Aaron's was the clear-cut winner, with looks that were undeniably modern while still maintaining a certain degree of classic sophistication.

Plus, he constructed a checkered coat that literally made me gasp, ooh, and ahh.

(Which, granted, I have been known to do whenever my dog cocks his head to the side, but still... The jacket is stunning.)

FYI: He also created the leggings for each look.

Here are some of my favorites:

Beautiful, unique dress. Crazy-cool leggings.

Insanity, in suit-form.

Bold color, impeccable construction.

Love the shiny leather detail, digging the striped leggings.

Flighty rocker-chic. (Looks like it would be a blast to wear.)

Skirting the line between odd and intriguing. Works for me.

Sigh... The coat.



The weaving reminds me of Korto's kimono-jacket from a couple seasons ago...

...That is, if it had somehow gotten into Kate Moss' purse and consumed every pill and dust particle in a single, giant huff.

Absolutely ridiculous and absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you, Seth Aaron, for giving my face an open-palmed slap full of your style... It totally left a (beauty) mark.

I hope these looks tickled your ferocity bone as much as they did mine!

(... Consensually, of course.)

[photos:, bravo]

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