Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Singapore Knows What's Up

Much to my delight, the cover of the May 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar Singapore features none other than my favorite look from the 2010 Spring collections: that gosh-darned Prada chain-mail!

Now, I'm not exactly sure what the deal is between the two publications, but the new issue of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia has a cover that is eerily similar:

And, of course, when I say "similar," I mean "the exact same photograph."

Now, I probably shouldn't be pushing my ignorance out onto the stage like this... but for a second there, I actually felt compelled to Google whether or not Singapore and Malaysia were one and the same...

Hey! Don't give me that "Boy, is you stoopid!" look.

My bag is pop culture and design, not land-masses and international borders.

Aw, hell... Who am I kidding?

I is stoopid, isn't I?

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