Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sparkling Eyes

"Hey, you've got some bling in your eye... Well, I guess just leave it."

These amazing contact lenses were conceived of by Indian designer Anthony Mallier, who created them for the "Crystal Vision" design competition hosted by Swarovski a couple years ago. He won second place.

Man, the winning design better have had freakin' glitter shooting out from every angle, with sparklers twirling on both sides...

Well, regardless of his first-worst placement in the competition, I still think that Mr. Mallier is a genius.

I mean, taking the phrase "She has diamonds in her eyes" as an I-dare-you-to-pull-that-shit-off proposition?

The man has balls. (Which are probably also bedazzled.)

... Okay, too far.

But really, I'm just glad these babies aren't actually in production.

If they were, I would have seriously started practicing my "Three Stooges double eye-poke."

(And the mental image of me running my triflin' ass away from the scene of the crime while trying to peel a couple of Swarovski contact lenses off my fingers just takes me to a whole new level of self-loathing.)

So, for the sake of my dignity, I guess it's a good thing that homeboy didn't win the competition. Bullet dodged.

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