Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tyra Banks: "I Bet I'll Be Good At EVERYTHING."

This heavily-photoshopped mess is the first promotional shot for Tyra Banks' new three-part fantasy book series "Modelland."

The storyline basically consists of some trick who lives in la-la land (much like Ms. Banks, herself) aspiring to become an "Intoxibella," an elite race of models who go to an academy where they learn to pose, strut, and look pretty.

... Sounds like Harry Potter, only with gagging sticks instead of magic wands.  

Sign me up!

Really, though, the real fantasy here is homegirl's face on that poster:

Don't you just love how, in Tyra's delusional-fairytale mind, "fake freckles" = "youth-friendly"?

And how much do you wanna bet that the "Voldemort" character will be written to look an awful lot like a certain supermodel we all know (and fear):

"She Who Shall Not Be Blamed."

... Oh, shit. I might actually have to read this mess now.

Damn you, Ty-Ty!

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