Monday, June 21, 2010

Clean-up On Aisle 'YSL'

The paint-splattered packaging for the new YSL fragrance, designed by German graphic artist, Axel Peemoeller, takes something that would ordinarily ache one's head and turns it into something that instead tickles one's fancy.

That certain "something" being an unruly spill.

It's like my mother always told me: "There's no use crying over spilled (lacquer)."

(Of course, she would often be referring to some sort of drinkable beverage or edible liquid when trying to get me to contain my eruption of drama-filled tears... I was a fat kid. I took that shit seriously.)

Still, the lesson holds true even today, as these designs are joyfully youthful and stand in perfect contrast to the refined, mature silhouette of the glass perfume bottles which they adorn:

I finally have a gift for the careless, sloppy painter in my life whose perfume bottles (and compacts, and lipstick tubes, and jewelry) all end up splattered with unidentifiable, brightly-colored liquids within a week of purchase...

Plus, the air-bubbles on that last one?

I'm gonna have to borrow a term from all the sloppy artists of the world here, and just say:

Truly "Inspired."

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