Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Girl of Many Colors

While browsing through Brazilian designer Gloria Coelho's Carlota Joakina Spring/Summer 2010 collection, a great many things popped into my head.

Now, naturally, some were a bit more on the bitch-side of the fence than others...

But truth be told? I really like some of the modernity and originality on display here.

Now, that's not to say that I couldn't sift through my Pop Culture-Steel Trap of a mind to find some obvious influences, mind you.

For instance, this look?

And obvious, and loving, ode to one Miss Regina George, if I ever saw one:

Furthermore, taking the bra-exposure to a new level, we have this look:

Which you just know was scribbled down (in eyeliner pencil) onto a dirty yellow Post-It by Linds-Lohan, under the heading:

"Grocery Shopping/ Dumpster Diving Outfits: Rrrrl Cute!"

Not to mention this one, which probably caught our cokey-celebrity's attention for other... less legal reasons:

"Oh-mah-Guh, I can, like... wear my junk...on my body."

*Looks directly into the eyes of her probation officer*

"Would you buy that for me?"

(Aaand, Scene.)

... But the inspiration didn't seem to come only from Hollywood starlets.

There were also some pieces seemingly inspired by other collections, as well.

Namely, Versace Spring 2010.


had a Basement Affair with This:

... And the resulting pregnancy gifted us with this:

Nah, but all lame jokes aside, this collection really was full of crafty ideas, interesting construction, a huge sense of fun (but not that kind, LiLo!) for the modern girl.

... Provided that said girl also has an innate lack of shame. 

(But then, what could be more modern than that?)

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